For new homes constructed to meet the building performance requirements of today, their windows and doors have genuine double glazing.  Double Glazing manufacturers have to meet BRANZ tested standards here in New Zealand to ensure a consistent quality that will stand up to the New Zealand climate.


The Double Glazing Company supplies only genuine double glazing manufactured here in New Zealand to BRANZ tested standards.

A testimonial from one of our recent customers provides some feedback on his experience with secondary glazing and genuine double glazing here.

What is “magnetic clip-on double glazing”?

While often confused with double glazing, magnetic “clip-on” products are actually secondary glazing.

Secondary glazing is a second layer of glazing added on to the existing window.  This is often clipped, or magnetically held in place.  In some cases it is glued in place.  

Genuine Double Glazing is distinctive in that it is a completely sealed unit.  This is important.  It means that no moisture (or dust) can get in between the two pieces of glass.  The sealed space provides the insulation improvement - thermal and sound.


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